(UPDATE) The First Descendant may finally be back after a full day of server downtime, and players are getting free extras

What you need to know

  • The First Descendant is a brand new MMORPG looter shooter that is making waves in the video game community.
  • However, on the second day of its official release, The First Descendant’s servers experienced many issues.
  • Many players reported being unable to connect to the game at all, while others reported being disconnected intermittently, even in the middle of a mission.
  • After multiple outages and two rounds of server maintenance, it looks like The First Descendant is finally back (and players are being compensated for the inconvenience).

Update, July 3, 2024 — Now updated, the second round of server maintenance for The First Descendant is over.

The First Descendant was barely playable for the entire second day, but the server issues have (hopefully) been resolved. Nexon has completed the second round of server maintenance on the game and The First Descendant is back online. I can confirm that you can log in without any delays or latency.

To compensate for the hours of downtime today, Nexon is giving all players who log in over the next five days a collection of 3-day, 30% gain boosts to Gold, Kuiper Shard, Descendant XP, and Weapon XP. Players can redeem their compensation rewards via the mailbox on HQ, and the boosts will be activated immediately upon redemption.

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