New Steam Game Is 100% Free, But Not for Long

Download this new Steam game for free while you can.

Steam users looking for something new to play this weekend now have a free PC game to try out, but not for long. That’s because this particular free Steam game—a horror game, in case the giveaway gets any more interesting—is only free from now until the morning of July 7, when the price will go back to normal. The game in question is called Cakey’s Twisted Bakeryand if you haven’t heard of it yet, that’s probably because the game is brand new on Steam as of July 5th.

Cakey’s Twisted Bakery is developed and published by TinyMindz with a trailer recently released to show what the game is about. It shows some shades of other horror games such as Five nights at Freddy’s And Poppy’s playtime in terms of designs and settings with a suitably rotated setup to compliment the aesthetics. You are looking for your brother in Cakey’s Twisted Bakery as you sneak and hide from the creatures in the bakery so you aren’t the next to be baked. You can download the game for free here on Steam.

“It’s bake or die at Cakey’s Bakery, where human children are the secret ingredient to the delicious pastries of strange monsters. Find the recipe to survive and escape the bakery and its sweet and scary staff!” a summary of the game explained. “You are searching for your little brother, George, who has disappeared somewhere in the bakery. To save him, you will have to take on the challenges of Cakey and his crumbly companions: Frostina and Candy Bane.”

“Gather ingredients to bake the perfect cake of destruction to use against the roaming bakery villains. But be careful! This won’t be a piece of cake. One wrong step and you’ll be the next course in a monster meal. Hide and sneak through many dark rooms to unlock your way home.”

Some of the reviews left on Cakey’s Twisted Bakery So far, say it’s worth playing, but no one seems to be showering the game with praise. As for criticism, several of the negative reviews say that the game lacks direction, while others cite performance and control issues. Still, free is free, though it’s only free if you buy it before July 7th, when it’ll cost you $10.

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