House of Dragon Episode 4 Recap: Prince Aemond’s Dragon Chaos

Spoiler alert! Below are all the details about the attempted fratricide in “House of the Dragon”, episode 4.

Whenever there’s an all-out dragon battle to be fought on HBO’s House of the Dragon, you can bet the eyepatch-wearing Prince Aemond (Ewan Mitchell) and his scaled steed Vhagar will be there. The deadly rider-dragon duo ignited the battle between Green and Black by snatching Prince Lucerys and his dragon Syrax from the sky in the Season 1 finale.

Sunday’s episode 4 (now streaming on Max) moves the civil war into a full-scale bloodbath and the series’ biggest dragon conflict at the Battle of Rook’s Rest, a stronghold of the Blacks, who support Queen Rhaenyra.

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