Bethenny Frankel Talks Paul Bernon’s New Romance With Aurora Culpo

Bethenny Frankel finally spoke openly about her split from Paul Bernon. bethennyfrankel/Instagram

Bethenny Frankel has finally addressed her split from ex-fiancé Paul Bernon.

The former “Real Housewives of New York City” co-star revealed that she initiated the split, but admitted it was “definitely mutual.”

However, her tone changed when the 45-year-old investment banker so publicly moved on with Aurora Culpo, who spoke openly about the new romance on her podcast “Barely Filtered.”

She revealed that she initiated the breakup, but that it was ultimately a ‘mutual’ breakup. justbwithbethenny/Instagram
However, the former “RHONY” star’s attitude changed when Bernon so publicly moved on with Aurora Culpo. pbernon/Instagram

“When you hear that your ex-fiancé has committed to another woman shortly after on their first date, and then you’re in their relationship and you hear about their sexuality and their gifts, and you meet each other’s children and the level of commitment,” Frankel said on her “Just B With Bethenny” podcast on Sunday.

“It was horrible. It was brutal.”

Frankel, 53, said Bernon and Culpo, 35, “committed to each other” after just six weeks of dating, while she had been with him for six years.

“It was horrible,” she said. “It was brutal.” auroraculpo/Instagram
Aurora shared on her podcast with her sisters that Bernon had already met her children after a few weeks of dating. auroraculpo/Instagram

“It’s embarrassing,” the former Bravolebrity told her listeners, adding that it was “tough” for her to be portrayed as an “old maid.”

“He was portrayed as the abandoned ex who had gotten an upgrade — that my ex had moved on to a younger woman — and it repeated the ongoing narrative that he was a very under-the-radar person who had now gotten serious with someone,” she explained.

“While, ironically, I was the person least on the radar.”

“I think you’re disrespecting the previous relationship by sharing all the details of your new relationship,” Frankel said. bethennyfrankel/Instagram
The ex-Bravolebrity begged Aurora to “be careful.” auroraculpo/Instagram

Frankel concluded her short podcast episode by sending a message to Culpo about how to deal with men’s exes in the future, encouraging her to “think of the other woman in every situation.”

“When you’re the new woman in a relationship, you have to be careful and careful with the woman who came before you because we’ve all been in both situations,” Frankel pleaded.

“I think you are disrespecting the previous relationship by sharing all the details of your new relationship.”

Frankel said she is single and is undergoing therapy to help her cope with the breakup. bethennyfrankel/Instagram
She spends the summer with her daughter Brynn. Bethenny Frankel / Instagram

Culpo revealed in a podcast episode with her sister Olivia about two weeks ago that she and Bernon had already met each other’s children.

“He met them twice, through FaceTime and stuff,” Aurora told the former Miss Universe winner.

She told Olivia, 32, that her children “really” like Bernon before enthusing: “He’s really nice. He’s got his kids, two of them, and they’re 17 and 14. They’re older, and they’re really nice.”

News of the couple’s romance broke when an eyewitness told Deuxmoi that Bernon and Aurora were seen kissing at the ‘Quin House in Boston. A source later told Us Weekly that the duo had been dating for at least two months since Bernon and Frankel split earlier this year.

Despite the serious nature of the romance, Olivia did not allow Aurora to take Bernon to her Rhode Island wedding to Christian McCaffrey, which her sister considered “rude.”

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